2021 ARTCRANK MSP: Back In A Big Way

2021 ARTCRANK MSP: Back In A Big Way

The drumroll that started almost 18 months ago finally has a “Ta-DA!” To say that we’re honored, proud and thrilled to announce the artist roster for our 2021 MSP show is something of an understatement. But after so much planning, waiting, uncertainty, disappointment and hope, it just feels incredibly good to think about these artists and the collection of handmade, bike-inspired poster artwork they’re going to create. 

As is always the case, the roster for our 2021 show is a mixture of returning artists and new ones. One big difference is that for the first time, we’ve included artists from beyond the Twin Cities and Minnesota. This year, our artists represent 14 states and four countries. Many are artists we’ve worked with in the past in ARTCRANK shows around the country and overseas. And many are folks we’ve always wanted to work with but haven’t had a chance to. Collectively, they form the most dynamic and talented collection of artists we’ve ever had the privilege to work with.

Adam Turman : : Aleta Perez : : Allison Long : : Amy Poburka : : Anne Ulku : : Arna Miller : : Arsenal Handicraft : : Bethany Bauman : : Brandon Lord : : Carli Bruckmueller : : Chris Verbick : : Christopher Schmidt : : Coralette Damme / The Crafty Hag : : Courtney Thomas : : Dan Lehman : : Dana Kingery : : Dogfish Media : : Ellen Schofield : : Emily Paulson : : Erik T Johnson : : Gabriel Schmidt : : Isabela Cruz : : JC Lovely : :  Jacob Rempfer : : James Huizar : : Jared Tuttle : : Jeff Hantman : : Jen Marie : : Jenny Barr : : John Bosley : : John Morris : : Karin Bauer : : Krisna MacDonald : : Kyle Loaney : : Lora Marie Hlavsa : : Lucy Comer : : Matt Erickson : : Matthew Lowe : : Matthew Sullivan : : Meher Khan : : Melanie G. S. Walby : : Melissa Sisk : : Nate Killam : : Nicholson Kenney : : Nula Fisher : : Oen Michael Hammonds : : Robot Soda : : Ross Bruggink : : Roy Milton 2 : : Sean Quinn : : Staci Dieball : : Taylor Colt : : Tétro : : Vincent Night : : Violeta Rotstein

Fulton Production Brewery (Northeast)

2540 2nd Street NE
Minneapolis, MN 55418

1:00 — 7:00pm

Bars will serve a selection of Fulton beers and seltzers both inside and outside the brewery, and a selection of local food trucks serving up good eats in the brewery parking lot. Plenty of bike parking will be available, although attendees will need to bring their own locks this year as our usual valet bike parking is also on a COVID hiatus.

PLEASE NOTE: Masks will be required for everyone inside the brewery where the poster display and sales area are located. Complimentary masks will be available for anyone who needs one. Ample space inside and outside of the brewery will make social distancing easy.


As excited as we are about our artist roster, we’re just as excited to be returning to friendly (and majorly remodeled) confines of Fulton’s production brewery in Northeast Minneapolis, the site of 2015, 2016 and 2017 shows. Our partnership with Fulton Brewing  goes all the way back to 2010, and they’re a huge part of the reason we’ve been able to keep staging pop-up art events in Minneapolis over the years. 

We’ll have some company on September 25 as Fulton is also playing host to the triumphant return of the Fulton Gran Fondo. And the evening will wrap up with a party so big and bodacious that we can’t even talk about it yet. Stay tuned for updates on that and much, much more.


Photo: Jonathan Chapman