How do you plan a poster show in a pandemic?

Photo above: Mural by Zabou — Shoreditch High Street, Brick Lane, London

UPDATE - July 30, 2020: As is probably clear by now, we've concluded that there's no safe and responsible way for us to stage the kind of show that we'd want to put on in 2020. Cancelling the 2020 show is the right thing to do for more reasons than we can begin to count. But at a time when we could all use some good news, this isn't the news we wanted to share.

Part of the reason we waited until now to announce the cancellation of our 2020 event is that we wanted to share some good — no, great — news at the same time.

We're teaming up with our longtime partners at Fulton Beer to create one of the biggest bike happenings the Twin Cities has ever seen: A 2021 Fulton Gran Fondo - ARTCRANK mash-up scheduled for Saturday, May 8 at the Fulton Brewery in Northeast Minneapolis.

It's an ambitious and audacious undertaking for both us and Fulton. And we'll use every second of the time between now and then to turn it into a showcase that's truly representative of the Twin Cities cycling and creative communities, and an experience that's worth the wait for our friends and fans.

We'll have a lot more to share in the way of news and details in the weeks and months ahead. But we're thrilled to have something amazing to work toward. Thank you for your patience, for bearing with us through the process of getting to this point, and for continuing to support the work of independent artists.

The Call for Artists for ARTCRANK Minneapolis 2021 is now open.


This show is open to artists from anywhere and everywhere, not just the greater Twin Cities. The majority of artists selected for the show will still be locals, but geography won’t be a litmus test for inclusion.

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