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Poster Backstory: Chad Kriz — San Francisco 2014

Bike to the Bone A broken tibia and fibula suffered in a mountain biking crash weren’t enough to keep Chad Kriz from doing an interview about his poster for ARTCRANK’s 2014 San Francisco show. Despite laboring to stay awake for … Continue reading


Poster Backstory: Gritchelle Fallesgon — San Francisco 2014

Driven to Do It Her Way Gritchelle Fallesgon is a driven woman, working as a freelance designer and photographer in San Francisco. As anyone that works in the freelance world knows, making it means having the mindset to take initiative … Continue reading


Poster Backstory: Jessica Henry — San Francisco 2014

Making Friends With the Overlooked and Untamed As a child, Jessica Henry always felt bad for the crayons in the box that never got used and wondered how it felt to be a grape that had fallen to the bottom … Continue reading


Poster Backstory: Will Ecke — San Francisco 2014

Comic Chinchillas and Design Smiles Like many designers, Will Ecke’s relationship with the visual started early on, the product of a love of comic strips. In fact, he used to draw his own comic strips. “There were several, but most … Continue reading