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Dmitry Gudkov Captures New York’s Love Affair With Bicycles

Three years ago, Dmitry Gudkov began taking photographs of New Yorkers with their bicycles. What began as a personal photography project has since evolved into #BikeNYC, an expansive showcase of hundreds of bicycles, the people that ride them, and the … Continue reading


ARTCRANK MSP in Stop-Motion by Photographer Jonathan Chapman

On Saturday, April 14, ARTCRANK opened its sixth annual show in Minneapolis. The event that started with a party at a bike shop has grown into an international happening, with shows in 10 cities and a worldwide following. As ARTCRANK … Continue reading


Something Cool From Saturday Night

At some point in the next few hours,¬† the moment will arrive in which I can no longer run on the fumes of adrenaline, exhilaration and awestruck, gob-smacked disbelief that have carried me through the past three days or so.¬†That … Continue reading