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Poster Backstory: Carolyn Sewell — Washington DC 2014

Design With a Drawl. Carolyn Sewell describes herself as “a potty-mouthed doodler from the Deep South.” Having met her, we can confirm this top to bottom. For the past twelve years, she’s been living and working as an illustrator in … Continue reading


Poster Backstory: Aaron Hansen — Washington DC 2014

Two Thousand Seventy-Four Days, and Counting. Two thousand seventy-four days adds up to almost six years. Six years of sunrises, twilight, scorching heat, frigid cold, hurricanes and even earthquakes. To say nothing of traffic. For each of the past 2,074 … Continue reading


Poster Backstory: JD Deardourff — Washington DC 2014

High Visibility Style. For city cyclists, the key to staying safe is being seen. And while bike commuters regular turn to retina-searing shades of yellow for their reflective gear, Washington DC artist JD Deardourff takes the hi-viz ethos across the … Continue reading


Poster Backstory: Allison Bamcat — Boston 2014

Neon Colors and Stuffed Animal Personalities. Children’s toys and nurseries inspire Allison Bamcat and always have. So much so, in fact, that early on in her life she recalls removing earth tones from her personal palette completely. “My style is … Continue reading