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Poster Backstory: Allison Bamcat — Boston 2014

Neon Colors and Stuffed Animal Personalities. Children’s toys and nurseries inspire Allison Bamcat and always have. So much so, in fact, that early on in her life she recalls removing earth tones from her personal palette completely. “My style is … Continue reading


Poster Backstory: Meredith Miotke — Boston 2014

A First Taste of Freedom. A bicycle was Meredith Miotke’s first taste of freedom and independent adventure. Growing up outside of Detroit, Meredith recalls limited mobility prospects prior to throwing a leg over her first ten-speed. “A bike was the … Continue reading


Poster Backstory: Aaron Tenbuuren — Boston 2014

Break it Down. Aaron Tenbuuren is an accomplished graphic designer and illustrator, as well as passionate and enthusiastic cyclist. He’s also colorblind. Far from holding him back in his chosen profession, it’s only made him better. And it definitely hasn’t … Continue reading


Poster Backstory: Logan Faerber — Boston 2014

Drawing Energy and Inspiration. Comic books have long been an escape for Logan Faerber. Growing up, the Boston designer and illustrator’s imagination ran wild as he immersed himself in the visual narratives of his older brother’s classic Spiderman, X-Men and … Continue reading