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Laurent Duvoux’s “Let’s go to the Louvre”

Laurent Duvoux was born in 1977. He lives and works in Paris as a graphic designer and illustrator. With a degree from École de Communication Visuelle (l’ECV) in Paris, he began his career as an art director at an advertising agency. In 2007, … Continue reading


Seth Lucas’ “Spot the Art”

Seth Lucas is a Designostrator (illustrator and designer) living and working from his apartment in the Bushwick neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY. His work is influenced by mistakes and mis-registrations in offset printing, bright colors, dull papers and trying to always design with screen … Continue reading


Romain Diguet’s “J’<3 Paris (en vélo)”

After studying at Applied Arts in Nantes with a major in Graphic Design, Romain Diguet worked at the DDB advertising agency in Nantes. He also worked as an art director with the Elle & Lui agency in Quimper, which he says happily gave … Continue reading


Brandon Lockfoot’s “Fly Paris”

Brandon Lockfoot is a bicycle messenger and visual artist currently working and living in New York City. The fast paced visual stimulation he experiences riding through the streets every day informs his artistic practice as well as provides a vast backdrop of cultural … Continue reading