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Romain Diguet’s “J’<3 Paris (en vélo)”

After studying at Applied Arts in Nantes with a major in Graphic Design, Romain Diguet worked at the DDB advertising agency in Nantes. He also worked as an art director with the Elle & Lui agency in Quimper, which he says happily gave … Continue reading


Brandon Lockfoot’s “Fly Paris”

Brandon Lockfoot is a bicycle messenger and visual artist currently working and living in New York City. The fast paced visual stimulation he experiences riding through the streets every day informs his artistic practice as well as provides a vast backdrop of cultural … Continue reading


Pascal Blua’s “StereoBike Machine”

Pascal Blua was born the year the Beatles and the Rolling Stones played in Paris for the first time. He learned about graphic design a few years later when he discovered the jacket of the Sex Pistols album. Since then, his passions for … Continue reading

8.zara_ gonzalez_hoang_700x400

Zara Gonzalez Hoang’s “Sunday in the City”

Zara Gonzalez Hoang is an designer and illustrator originally from the frozen tundra of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her work explores themes of childhood and imagination through limited color palettes across multiple mediums. She strives to create pieces full of whimsy that evoke a sense … Continue reading