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A Poster Show for Bike People


ARTCRANK is a poster show about bicycles. We make art as accessible as bikes are, and use creativity to change the way people think about cycling. Through our live events and brand channels, we connect people around the world with the power of bikes, art and doing good.

Who is ARTCRANK’s audience?
The easy answer is: People who love art about bikes. But that’s a diverse crowd that runs the gamut from newly minted bicycle commuters to fixie-mad hipsters, hardcore road warriors, weekend cruisers, dirt-loving mountain bikers and pretty much everyone in between.

Demographically, our audience is dominated by Millennials: 18 to 35 year-olds who represent the most influential, desirable and hard-to-reach group of consumers today.

What can ARTCRANK do for Your Brand?
Since 2007, ARTCRANK has introduced hundreds of thousands of people to handmade, affordable bike-inspired posters created by local artists and designers. We’ve also become one of the most active and recognized advocates for creativity and cycling in social media.

ARTCRANK gives your brand a new way to connect with and engage an audience that’s in love with cycling and creativity, and is almost impossible to reach through traditional channels.

If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor of ARTCRANK show, please send us an email to start the conversation about how we can work together.