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A Poster Show for Bike People



ARTCRANK Minneapolis is just around the corner

Allan Peters

My buddy Charles runs this shindig and it’s always a really good time. This year they’re having it back downtown at Traffic Zone Center for Visual Art right over by the Bev’s Wine Bar. I was lucky enough to be selected to participate for a third year. Out of all my projects all year long, I really look forward to this one. It’s a chance to make art about bikes with no real rules or clients.



Peek @ ARTCRANK Austin coming Friday!


As promised, here are a few sneak peeks at the awesomeness that will be ARTCRANK in Austin, Texas. So many of these works have been printed on Olmsted-Kirk Papers. Makes my heart go pittypat. Take a look, the artist and paper particulars are included. There will be thirty artists, here are just four of them and a peek at part of their posters. See you there!