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A Poster Show for Bike People

ARTCRANK LAX is on hiatus for 2014. We plan to return with a new show featuring brand-spankin’-new posters by talented artists and designers from the City of Angels.

Friends, we have been humbled and honored by the love and support that Los Angeles artists, designers and bike poster fans have veritably showered upon us for the past two years. But after almost eight years of traveling the country and the world putting on bike poster shows, 2014 is shaping up as a year of transition for us.

One of the toughest decisions we’ve had to make is to put our Los Angeles event on hold. While we’ve had a pair of very successful events in L.A., we’ve reached a point as an organization at which we just don’t have the staff and resources to continue adding new cities while supporting all of the events we’ve established.

Starting next year, we’ll roll out a new approach to events that will allow us to strike a better balance between new cities and established shows. The plan is still a work in progress, but will absolutely involve the cities who’ve supported us since we started this madcap adventure.

We understand that this won’t be a popular decision with the friends and fans who have worked so hard to help us establish our show. We can only offer our heartfelt appreciation, our apologies for 2014, and our solemn word to return with a bigger, better show — hopefully in 2015.

Please check back for updates, and follow ARTCRANK on TwitterFacebook and Instagram for the latest news. And if you’d like to see photos and videos from previous events, connect with us on Flickr and Vimeo as well. See you soon!