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Tell Us Your Best Bike Story From 2012!

Last December, on a whim, we put out a call to our friends and followers from around the world to share their best bike stories of the year with us. We were pleasantly gobsmacked by the enthusiastic response, as tales of bike adventures, epic rides, racing triumphs and everyday slices of awesome poured in from near and far. The response was so great that we ended up running not one, but two “Best Bike Story” compilations.

All of a sudden, it’s the week before Christmas, and it’s time to put the call out again. Whoever you are, wherever you live and whatever you ride, we know you’ve got a great bike story from the past 12 months, and we want to hear it. Here’s the deal:

•  Write ±100 words about your best bike story from the past year

•  If you’ve got photos to go with it, so much the better

•  Send your story (and photos) to:

• Please include your Twitter handle and/or your website URL as well


We’ll run a massive post — maybe a couple of ‘em — with all of the stories and photos we get. Get busy with your story, and spread the word to everyone you know.


  • In september 2012 we competed in the Swamp Donkey adventure race at falcon lake, Manitoba, Canada. Our three person co-Ed team was a quarter of the way into the race and in the bike section. My wife Tracey hit a wodden, frost-covered, ramp and her bike slid out. She smashed her knee on the ramp and was in obvious pain. Wes and I gave her a couple minutes to recover…….then continued on. She struggled to keep up through the rest of the race…..biking through sand and running across Canadian shield and swamp, but powered through. We finished after 7 1/2 hrs in 3rd place out of approximately 45 co-ed teams. Found out next day at the doctors……..2nd degree torn mcl and bone bruise. #superwoman. Enough said.

    Brent wilkinson

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  • I was struck in the face with a brick by some kids who ambushed me from a Navy Street overpass in Brooklyn on 8/12/2011 while cycling home from work. I sustained serious injuries even though I was riding with a helmet and glasses in a bike lane in broad daylight.

    After a few months, I overcame my injuries, enough to get back on my bike and start bike commuting again, not only that I was able to lobby NYC DOT to extend protective fencing on the overpass, to protect all road users, and testify in front of the New York City Council about my experience.

    I have since learned that golf balls, basketballs, rocks, car batteries, apples, ice balls, and oranges have been thrown at passing cyclists from that spot.

    The NYC DOT really needs to go further and completely redesign Navy Street to make it more friendly for everyone! In its current configuration, it was a very poor and alienating road design!


    Stephen Arthur

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