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ARTCRANK Announces New U.S. Cities for 2013: Chicago, Seattle and Boston

Every fall, we face a decision that’s enviable, painful, thrilling and maddening in equal measure: Where do we go next year?

If that decision were based solely on requests delivered via email in the past 12 months, we would be hosting shows in more than 50 U.S. cities. As well as in Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Vancouver, Sydney, Johannesburg, Singapore, Sao Paulo, Tokyo, Auckland, Toronto, Copenhagen, Mexico City, Prague, Istanbul, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Stockholm, Dublin, Montreal, Moscow, Rome, Edinburgh, and Bucharest.

As it stands, we’re still a small band of brothers and sisters united by a love of bikes and art, driven by an obsessive desire to bring ARTCRANK to as many places as we can before our brains spontaneously combust.

We’ve had the great fortune and honor to get immeasurable help from strangers turned friends in all of our host cities, every corner of the country, and beyond. And in the U.S., we’re able to support more shows than we ever dreamed possible thanks to the support of Widmer Brothers Brewing, Clif Bar and Neenah Paper.

After much discussion, we decided that we could comfortably add one new U.S. city for our 2013 show schedule. So of course, we proceeded to add three: Chicago, Seattle and Boston.

All three cities have their own pages on our site, and we’re enthusiastically seeking artists who live and work in all three to create posters:

ARTCRANK Chicago: Call For Artists

ARTCRANK Seattle: Call For Artists

ARTCRANK Boston: Call For Artists

We’re also beginning a partnership with Vélib, the world’s second-largest bike share system, to host an event in Paris. And we’re expanding our UK calendar with a show in Manchester.

Our first show of 2013 kicks off in less than two weeks in Austin. After that, we’re back home to Minneapolis, the city where it all began back in 2007. Then on to St. Louis, Denver, New York, London, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles

It’s going to be an epic ride. Hope we see you at least once along the way.

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